Since the first days of the internet, people have been turning online for their daily horoscopes. Newspapers feature them daily, magazines give you the report for the month, but none of those have involved video. A new YouTube channel, SoulGardenTV, offers you a free daily horoscope that add a visual elements to your daily forecast.

An add for online horoscopes caught my eye today, and it got me wondering why people turn a particular source for their destiny. They're everywhere, as I mentioned, in both print media and online, so why choose a particular one? Video horoscopes, I thought, would be cool; that would be different. I clicked my way over to YouTube, almost certain that it must exist. That's when I stumbled on the Soul Horoscopes.

A 2.0 spin on an ancient art! Looks like the masses haven't caught on quite yet - the channel only has 291 subsribers with a mere 21,298 views since its October 2006 debut. A trend in the making?