'Via Vallejo' is a Mixed-Use Development in Mexico City

 - May 12, 2018
References: archdaily
Mixed-use developments are a great way to maximize resources in the relatively dense downtowns of urban areas, and 'Via Vallejo' does a great job of making a limited amount of space feel appealing and communal. The building has a circular atrium at its center that serves as a gathering place for the surrounding community in Mexico City, and its mix of different styles helps to keep people there once they've arrived.

Via Vallejo includes commercial space, residential space, health services, and a hotel. This combination makes it constantly abustle, though that shouldn't be read as a negative. Thanks to generous use of al fresco pathways lining the entirety of the complex, including the atrium, Via Vallejo always carries a sense of comfort.

Image Credit: Marcos Betanzos