The Very Specific Cutlery Set Solves Only Particular Dining Dilemmas

 - Sep 29, 2014
References: dezeen
The designer of the Very Specific Cutlery Collection hopes to highlight people's disconnect with their meals. In many cultures, it is perfectly acceptable to eat with one's hands, serving up a supper that can be appreciated with the sense of touch as well.

To poke fun at the eating utensils that have been developed in the name of tidiness and sophistication, Lee Ben David has designed six tools that are intended to facilitate one single task each. Each implement can either remove peas from edamame beans, twirl spaghetti noodles, pick up cherry tomatoes, split hot pitas, cut and stab simultaneously, or pluck and scoop from artichokes. The point made by the creation of the Very Specific Cutlery Set actually makes you realize how un-versatile our current modern silverware is.