Vampire Diaries Sparks Retailers to Produce Vervain

 - Oct 10, 2012
References: etsy
With vampire paraphernalia at the forefront of production, people have gone even so far as to create Vervain, a vampire antidote acclaimed in the hit TV show Vampire Diaries. This wood-based product is put in a small vial which can easily be transported in one’s purse in case of a vampire attack.

The designer also offers to create it in necklace or bracelet form. This vampire-themed product is perfect for the Vampire Diaries, Twilight, or True Blood fan. Inexpensive and carefully configured, the Vervain antidote is odorless in scent and is ready to ship. The lids of the bottles are not glued, so one can interchangeably use the Vervain at any moment they deem necessary.