These Photographs of Churches Were Shot in a Vertical Panoramic View

 - Oct 2, 2015
References: richardsilverphoto &
This unique series of churches was photographed by Richard Silver at a vertical panoramic viewpoint. The angle creates a kaleidoscope-like view that shows the entrance of the church and pans all the way across the ceiling.

The ceiling looks as though it is merging into itself as the photograph continues along the roof and ends at the opposite end. Each photograph begins with an upside down door and ends with a right side up image that one might see when walking into a church.

The similarities of the images seek to express the similarities among these beautiful religious structures. The historically rich architecture and fine detailing is highlighted in an original way that brings out the significance of these churches. By providing viewers with an interesting vertical panoramic view of the chapels it bring an appreciation to the buildings. Whether one is religious or not, these images are very impressive.