The Versace Menswear SS12 Campaign Brings Posh Apparel and Patterns to the Pool

By now, a number of people will have come across some of the photos of the fashion label's womenswear collection, and with a strikingly complementary quality, this is the Versace Menswear SS12 campaign. Like the sensual female series, this group of sultry snapshots was photographed by Mert & Marcus in Boreggo Springs, California.

Surrounding a dry domestic pool with a richly textured landscaped border, these snapshots feature the strapping male model Ryan Barrett in a broad variety of luxurious garments. Lensed from within the deep end, he wears a dapper grey suit in just one photograph. However, the other pictures showcase loose-fitting pants and shirts of spectacular vivid colors and patterns which visually pop from the blue-tinted filters of the Versace Menswear SS12 campaign.