Verizon Hub Takes the Landline To New Heights

 - May 26, 2009
References: verizonwireless & nytimes
The Verizon Hub home phone has almost everything -- it might as well get up and walk to bring you a call.

First, it features a sleek futuristic design with a cordless handset and a 7 inch LED touch screen. The touch screen is a centre for all the phone's capabilities and actions, from traffic checks, to movie times, to weather and calenders.

The Verizon Hub can also send text and picture messages to either one or multiple Verizon mobile phone users. It also sends SMS alerts to your mobile with reminders from the calendar.

Although it doesn’t have everything (it cannot sync calendars…separate changes have to be made), it does have some pretty cool features (voice caller id between rings!).

Home phones everywhere: beware of the fury that is the Verizon Hub.