The Vela Cycle Trainer is Ambiguously Artistic

 - Apr 19, 2012
References: psfk
Home exercise machines can often be found hidden in the corner of a bedroom or down in a basement because of their overall tasteless looks, but the Vela Cycle Trainer is one stationary bike that will be displayed with pride. Like the Ciclotte exercise bike, the Vela Cycle Trainer is sleek and minimalist. Unlike the Ciclotte, this one could easily be mistaken for an avant-garde sculpture.

Created by Lunar Design, the Vela Cycle Trainer is to be presented during the 2012 Milan Furniture Fair. While the physical form is stunning enough, the bike also integrates beautiful projections around the bike for a more immersive training experience. In addition to the Vela Cycle Trainer, Lunar will also be debuting a rowing bench and climbing wall, both of which will be just as artistic.