'Peas of Mind' Veggie Snacks Come in Healthy Yet Delicious Varieties

 - Feb 8, 2016
References: peasofmind & peasofmind
Traditional French fries are associated with being a calorie-laden indulgence, so 'Peas of Mind' Veggie Snacks are designed to mimic their form in a healthier way. Rather than being made out of potato, the fries-like frozen snacks come in options including broccoli, carrot, cauliflower and even apple.

The crispy, delicious yet healthy French fries are designed to make a great addition as a side dish to other foods or as a snack to be enjoyed whenever. The fries are certified non-GMO and are totally natural when it comes to ingredients with veggies, oil and seasoning being the only ones.

Food form is of paramount importance to consumers, which is why 'Peas of Mind' Veggie Snacks are an innovative product; they mimic fries to satisfy a desire for fast food with healthy alternatives.