Vegan Wines' Boxes Now Pair Vegan Wine and Cheese

 - Mar 13, 2018
References: facebook
Growing interest in cruelty-free, plant-based lifestyles has inspired the creation of many vegan wine and cheese tasting events, pairing guides as well as clubs. Vegan Wines sets itself apart as one such club that offers only a selection of animal-friendly wine products—as some kinds of wine use fining agents like egg whites and animal proteins.

Vegan Wines recently launched a partnership with Miyoko's Kitchen, a maker of vegan cheese products that describes itself as "the future of the creamery." Each Vegan Wines subscription box includes products from Miyoko's Kitchen, making it easy for conscious consumers to explore delicious plant-based products to pair with all-vegan wine.

Miyoko's Kitchen makes a range of soft and spreadable cultured cashew-based cheese alternatives, with flavors that range from sharp to herbaceous.