Modern Day Sins Include Pollution

 - Mar 10, 2008
References: reuters
The Vatican has updated the list of sins to include modern day evils like environmental disregard. Today's soul's need to take bioethics into consideration if they want to live in purity and land themselves a spot in heaven.

"(Within bioethics) there are areas where we absolutely must denounce some violations of the fundamental rights of human nature through experiments and genetic manipulation whose outcome is difficult to predict and control," Archbishop Gianfranco Girotti said to reporters from the Vatican newspaper L'Osservatore Romano.

These bioethics also include involvement in 'sinful' technologies like human cloning, but their major emphasis has been the disregard for climate change. The Vatican is trying to do their part by doing things like hosting global warming conferences and covering buildings in photovoltaic cells to create greener electricity.

Other modern evils include "drug trafficking and social and economic injustices," according to Reuters.

It seems people have less remorse than ever for their sins too, as Girotti says the percentage of people going to confession are at an all time low; up to 60% of Catholics in Italy don't attend at all anymore.