Vasilj Godzh Uses Calculated and Copious Marker Strokes to Form Images

 - Dec 31, 2011
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These Vasilj Godzh illustrations resemble the line doodles people often make in their university notebooks, but taken to professional extremes. With precisely laid marker strokes, Godzh was able to form shapes resembling leaves and other floral patterns. At his most extreme, Godzh was even able to render faces using this peculiar technique. The resulting images appear as though they’re made digitally because of Godzh’s accurate and meticulous line work. Some of it even looks three-dimensional because of Godzh’s incorporation of value.

Vasilj Godzh is a Russian illustrator with a vast arsenal of rendering styles. He has experimented in smearing watercolors to paint chaotic portraits, harmonizing ink work with paints to form rustic visages and using digital media to craft simultaneously cutesy, yet sinister-looking cartoon characters.