These Vans Washed Denim Authentics are the Solution to Any Laid-Back Dresser

Lining up a wall of professional footwear can get daunting when trying to find the perfect pair to wear on a Casual Friday, but Vans has provided a stylish solution to this issue with the release of its Vans Washed Denim Authentics. These shoes are classy, perfect for for a clean yet casual look, and evoke the use of denim, an always supported choice for any leisure-dressed day.

These shoes can be photographed and placed right under the word "authentic" in the dictionary as they do not deviate from an almost nostalgic cool look -- something I like to call the "don't care what I wear but people will always stare" look. The shoes have a regular washed-out denim design, resembling a cloud, with red tags and black lining that is fitting for any leisure shoe-wearer and can be used as a fallback shoe for random days when a guy just doesn't want to make any tough decisions.