Marie Valognes Re-Imagines Runway Fashions as Abstract Sculptures

 - Oct 20, 2015
References: mise-en &
London-based artist and photographer Marie Valognes created this series of iconic fashion-mimicking sculptures. Each sculpture is a reference to one of the fashions seen during the Spring/Summer 2016 fashion week events.

Made from random materials -- from sausage packages to popsicle sticks and lace -- each sculpture captures the essence of the original outfit. When the sculptures were completed, the artist snapped a photograph of each one and placed them next to an image of the runway outfit. Once paired together, the comical comparison between these images becomes uncanny.

This humorous series was inspired by the artist's love for still-life images. Valognes had a desire to make a visual association between objects and fashion pieces. Finding ways to draw conclusions about an industry or product that isn't obvious at first can be challenging. However, finding creative outlets such as artistic sculptures is one way to make it less overwhelming.