Valerie Lapinski Turned a Slab of Butter into a Little Lamb

 - May 28, 2014
References: valerielapinski & fastcompany
Fast Company's video producer Valerie Lapinski got creative with a slab of butter recently when she turned it into a darling sculpture of a little lamb.

How Lapinski went about turning a rectangular piece of butter into a lamb is actually pretty simple. It involved a stove, a butter knife, lots of patience and some very talented hands. Lapinski began by placing a ceramic plate over a stove top with a rectangular and square piece of butter on it. The heat from the stove would allow the butter to slightly soften making it malleable enough to work with. From there, Lapinski took a butter knife and began to mold the butter into a lamb shape. After putting the butter lamb into the fridge to harden, Lapinski went in with a toothpick to create the face and ears.