Does The Valerie Bertinelli People Cover Send The Right Message?

 - Mar 26, 2009
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Valerie Bertinelli, a former sitcom star and the ex-wife of rocker Eddie Van Halen, is on the new cover of People Magazine in yet another weight loss story.

The 48-year-old Valerie Bertinelli, who has lost 50 pounds over the past two years, poses in a two pieces bikini on the cover.

But is this Valerie Bertinelli People cover story a positive and empowering statement that older women should also take care of their body, or does it just feed into the weight obsession that our society already has?

As demonstrated recently with the Jessica Simpson weight gain debacle, it only takes gaining a few pounds for a female celebrity to be bashed and called fat. Add these sensationalized "I lost xx pounds" cover stories into the mix and we’re surely sending the wrong message to women.

Valerie Bertinelli will be on Oprah on April 1 to discuss her weight. Check out her Jenny Craig commercial above.