The Samsung VC5100 Vacuum System Features Anti-Tangle Technology

 - Sep 20, 2016
References: & newatlas
The Samsung VC5100 vacuum system features the brand's all-new Anti-Tangle Technology that enables the appliance to deal with pesky debris without clogging.

One of the worst things for vacuum cleaners is hair and fur, which tends to become trapped inside the vacuum cleaner and create unsightly clogs that often lead to loss of suction. The Samsung VC5100 looks to avoid this by catching hair and other larger debris before it enters the fan area to prevent clogs.

Aside from having the ability to prevent debris from entering the fan area, the Samsung VC5100 also features a rolling brush that stops tangled hair from getting in in the first place.

The Samsung VC5100 vacuum system is the design work of Dongjin Cho who took inspiration for the device from an airplane turbine engine.