V12 Engine by Yee

This V12 engine won’t make your car go "Vroom!" but it WILL make your jaw drop. That’s because this perfect and accurately-sized V12 engine is made almost entirely out of paper. A Canadian designer named Yee spent two years and 1,978 pieces of paper perfecting this mechanical masterpiece by using Origami.

Yee is an old pro with paper and has over 35 years of experience with folding it to make art, but this art actually works--just not inside of a car. That’s right, this V12 engine really runs, on 2 AA batteries to be exact, and it includes rods, pistons, LED "sparkplugs," a cooling fan and a crankshaft. Thanks to the artsy craft of Origami, the paper folds keep the engine strong and sturdy, so it won’t bend or break.

If you’re a car buff and this origami V12 engine seems right up your alley, it’s all yours. Yee now sells his V12 engine kits to anyone ready and willing to donate $160 and countless hours to create it.