Utter Pot is a Contemporary Container Functioning as a Conversation Piece

 - Oct 24, 2013
References: thelermonthupton
Vases are often magnificent ornamental objects themselves, causing guests in your home to give a glance, and perhaps compliment on your decor. The Utter Pot literally becomes a conversation piece with its most prominent feature being an open mouth.

Fine earthenware material is sculpted into a beautiful cream-colored bowl of a nearly spherical shape. It's glazed in a gorgeous gloss that encourages you to touch it to feel its smoothness. The seductiveness does not end there, for the Thelermont Hupton product embodies delicately parted female lips. The image can be read as sensual, sexual or as a verbal reference. The Utter Pot can be a lovely vase for flowers, a pencil holder or a sculpture, ever initiating a dialogue between people and inanimate objects.