The Utsitken Viewpoint in Norway Overlooks the Moutains

 - Aug 22, 2016
References: & archdaily
Norway is known for its beautiful landscapes, and the Utsitken Viewpoint is a daring way to take in those sweeping vistas. The project, inspired by brutalism, consists of two triangular platforms that jut out over the edge of a cliff on Gaularfjell, a mountain that drivers often traverse.

Utsitken Viewpoint has a bold design and from a distance, it seems as though it would take an even bolder spectator to take a look from its edge. The two concrete triangles on Utsitken Viewpoint extend outwards and upwards, with one reaching more than 20 meters over the edge of the cliff and the other rising upwards at least a dozen meters. Passersby need not fear, though, as the concrete is 80 centimeters thick, providing ample support for any amount of viewers.