This Useful Infographic Shows Visual Learning is More Effective

 - Jul 8, 2013
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Graphic design group created the useful infographic ‘Why Your Brain Craves Infographics’ to explain, ironically through an inforgraphic, why inforgraphics are such a helpful way to comprehend information.

The ‘Why Your Brain Craves Infographics’ infograph is an unconventional animated web infographic that explains all the reasons why the brain finds visual presentations so much easier to understand. With outstanding statistics like 67% percent of people learn more from a visual business presentation and 32% of people understands instructions better with illustrations, it’s really no wonder why infographics have become so popular. In an age where people suffer from information overload and are bombarded with text, explanatory images help people to easier, better and faster understand the same information in a simpler and more interesting format.