This Used Car Infographic Gives Consumers Useful Buying Tips

This used car infographic gives potential buyers some things to think about when they start browsing.

Most used car buyers look at a car's performance as the number one factor in their purchase. This is followed by interior, safety, reliability and operating costs. The average used car price in 2007 was $8,186 and rose to $9,100 in 2012, which is a reasonable inflation.

This used car infographic also names the top five family used cars which include Kia Sedona Ext Minivan, Hyundai Entourage Minivan, Saab 9-3 Four Door Sedan, Subaru Legacy Four Door Sedan and Hyundai Santa Fa SUV.

Key things to look at in a used car are replaced parts, paint job, interior, fluid levels, leaks, trunk space and hoses and belts. It's also important to check out the safety features like airbags and the engine's condition.