UrbanOS Promises to Manages Everything Within City Limits

 - Oct 5, 2011
References: bbc & geekologie
SkyNet has a new name: UrbanOS, a municipal computer program that hopes to administrate all traffic, building management and host of other essential services throughout a given metropolis. While the prospect may at first seem helpful, I can't help but concentrate on the disastrous possibility of the AI gaining sentience and turning against its creators!

Living PlanIT, the computer engineering firm behind UrbanOS, explains that the program would collaborate with thousands of clandestine sensors buried, attached and suspended from key locations around the city. These gauges would report temperature, traffic congestion, humidity and pedestrian thoroughfare back to the central computer which would then make the appropriate changes. In the event of a fire, for instance, UrbanOS would reroute traffic, supply extra water to the sprinklers and shut off gas valves so that the inferno is less threatening.

Although this type of automation would doubtlessly make city life smoother and more efficient, one has to wonder about the potential for foul play by hackers or virtual intruders.