The SO M3TAL Accessory by Urban Outfitters UK is Rocker-Worthy

To keep accessories looking good both on and off the wearer, Urban Outfitters UK has come up with a ring holder in the shape of a rocker gesture. The piece is titled SO M3TAL to convey this rockstar-chic vibe.

With the pinky and forefinger in an upright position, this SO M3TAL product by Urban Outfitters UK screams grunge glam louder than a Guns and Roses fangirl at Woodstock. Other than the purely aesthetic reasons for purchasing this item, it's also handy to have accessories placed in a quickly accessible area like the desk. By using SO M3TAL one can have this accessibility while still maintaining a little rockstar street cred - just make sure you can actually mimic the gesture yourself to ensure full rock music-lover status!