The Urban Confessional Project Give People a Chance to Be Heard

The Urban Confessional project is a new initiative that aims to break down barriers between strangers and give people an opportunity to get their problems off their chest.

The Urban Confessional project was founded by Benjamin Mathes who wanted to give people a platform to express their feelings without the need to visit a priest or a counselor. Instead, Mathes enlisted a group of strangers to head out onto the streets of Los Angeles with signs reading "Free Listening." While the volunteers offer empathetic responses, they do not offer advice and they never record any of the conversations shared with them.

The project aims to foster connections between strangers and give people a way to freely express whatever they are feeling. As Mathes explains, "People are walking around with a whole lot of crap on their shoulders, and they don't always express that. We don't always know what journey everybody's going through."