Get Immersed in Coffee Culture at Melbourne’s Urban Coffee Farm

The Urban Coffee Farm is a custom-built installation created by the Australia-based design firm HASSELL. Serving as a hub for Melbourne’s Food and Wine Festival, this interactive exhibit takes festival goers to new caffeinated heights with its grassroots approach to coffee culture.

Set up on the Queensbridge Square’s red stairs, the Urban Coffee Farm transports festival-goers from the dim, stuffy interiors of their favorite coffee haunts and emerges them head-on in the beauty of coffee cultivation and history. Featuring neat coffee posters, hundreds of live coffee plants and Australia’s finest baristas and bartenders, this exhibit literally surrounds you in the history, techniques and people responsible for the creation of your morning cup of joe.

Open to the public until March 17th, the Urban Coffee Bar also serves food, espressos and coffee-based cocktails and is sure to be the go to spot for a java jam.