'Unwrinkled' Gives Viewers a Glimpse into the Lives of Celebrities as Teens

 - Oct 9, 2011
References: unwrinkled.tumblr & incrediblethings
'Unwrinkled' helps answer a nagging question that's probably occurred to many individuals: "What were celebrities like before they hit it big?"

It's strange thinking that the introspective kid in high school, a close friend or even a classmate might end up an Oscar-winning actor one day. The Tumblr blog Unwrinkled gives viewers some insight into that period of celebrities' lives before super-stardom. Brad Pitt smiles for a yearbook photo, Ozzy Osbourne contemplates as a friend snaps a shot and Jane Fonda strikes a pose. Interestingly, all of the photos capture the same look of a person who hasn't yet claimed their destiny and become famous. What the Unwrinkled blog so clearly illustrates is the idea that anyone can be a celebrity. In 10 years, you, your significant other or even a workplace colleague could be a world-renowned actor or musician.