The Unwhite Funktional Stickers are Decorative and Helpful

 - Nov 20, 2012
References: unwhite & design-milk
The Unwhite Funktional Stickers focuses on the fun in 'functional.' A collection of wall decals that are at once decorative and practical, people will want to get their hands on them instantly. To have home decor that serves more purpose than simply looking good is too hard to resist.

Created by a design collective, the Unwhite Funktional Stickers were envisioned by such designers as Iván Expósito, Odosdesign, Compeixalaigua and Marc Ligos among others. From pocketed decals that can hold pens and other loose objects to a sign post directing people to different parts of the house, the Unwhite Funktional Stickers are cute and quirky as well.

All of the Unwhite Funktional Stickers are designed and produced in Barcelona, Spain, which is made clear on their modern packaging.