The Untitled Series by Jim Hodges Features Reflective Boulders

 - Jan 11, 2012
References: jimhodges & trendtablet
The latest 'Untitled' series by Jim Hodges is a showcase of large-scale lustrous stones. These artful pieces are metallic and reflective, adorned in a multitude of varying tones. These stone sculptures are imaginative art pieces that are made from a combination of precious and common materials. Hodges concept for the exhibit is based on love, loss, identity and mortality. These stunning pieces prove that emotion can be evoked with simplicity.

The artist's use of manipulated, mirrored elements is fused with organic shapes making for a distinctive and dynamic exhibit. This sensational sculptural show stands alone as a powerful piece while allowing viewers to interact with it. Its large scale allows people to walk around the piece and to experience all of its aesthetic intricacies.