‘Cilla's Unswung Sixties' Explores Myths About British Pop

 - Mar 22, 2012
References: uktv & youtube
‘Cilla’s Unswung Sixties’ is a show that will debunk the myths that often shroud the decade. Ask most people to pick a decade that they could live given the chance and many will reply with the sixties since it’s often seen as the time in which music, fashion and art exploded.

It could, however, be that a view of the decade has been warped by the stories that we’ve been listening to coming from rock stars, models and the cultural elite with the wide belief that the sixties were all about "sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll." In fact, for the ordinary working class person, the decade was a far more tamer affair.

While the '60s is a decade that still provides inspiration for modern culture, it is important to remember that the present is an equally positive and exciting time to be living in. It may be that the early decades of the 21st century will also be looked upon in years to come as one in which the Internet facilitated cultural expression and sharing on a global level.