A Unique Piece of Decor Depicting the Worst-Case-Scenario

 - Dec 29, 2013
References: thinkgeek
If you're finding your snow globes to be too cheery and lighthearted, then perhaps one of these unique snow globes depicting an apocalyptic nightmare scenario is right about your alley.

Though it's not clear what particular apocalyptic nightmare scenario befell the residents of your pour snow globe city, you can have fun imaging your own twisted scenario. Was it zombies? Mother Nature? President Donald Trump? Who can truly say. What is clear is that something terrible must have happened to cause such a destructive landscape, with destroyed buildings and chunks of grey and black debris and soot swirling around in there every time you give your apocalypse snow globe a shake–as if those poor people haven't suffered enough.

It's rare to find unique snow globes of this quality, especially one that will also make all your friends envious of you.