The Understanding Carbon Offset Chart Encourages Awareness

 - Jun 22, 2012
In a world trying to becoming more environmentally conscious, there is still an unawareness of some of the quintessential knowledge, that is why the Understanding Carbon Offset Chart is so important. The infographic was created by the website GOOD, who is a global association of individuals, businesses, and nonprofits powering what works, with support from the company FedEx. The mantra of GOOD is that it is a site "for people who give a damn," and by seeking to spread knowledge through informative graphics, they are helping that number of people expand.

The notion of carbon offsets started do to the the astronomical amount of human activity since the Industrial Revolution in the 1700s that has thrown of the delicate balance of the carbon cycle. This infograph explains in layman’s term the carbon cycle, what a carbon offset is and why it is important. All very crucial knowledge in helping us become better citizens of the world.