Discover the Factors Influencing the Bulk of Consumer Parasol Purchases

 - Apr 8, 2012
References: trendreports
Wide-brimmed parasols are necessary for days spent at the beach, as well as for gloomier days with heavy rain forecasts. Whether one invests in the pieces for preventative or in-the-moment usage, these products have remained essential to department and higher end retail stores at the turn of each season.

The Umbrella Trend Report delves into the expansive array of polka-dot, leopard and even couture-themed canopies. As home owners cannot escape the practical benefits that come with these shaded goods, they are often willing to make sound investments. These investments involve a range of concerns, inclusive of durability, style and the environment. Large brands like Sun Garden and on-the-rise artisans will learn from this report, offering key insight to crowd-sourced information.