The StarStream is an Attachment that Charges Water with Ultrasound

 - Apr 30, 2016
References: ultrawave & psfk
Those familiar with ultrasonic cleaning for jewelry will understand how revolutionary the ultrasonic faucet could be. Dubbed StarStream, it is an attachment to existing taps in order to charge the water coming out with ultrasound. It also creates millions of tiny bubbles that enhance the effectiveness of the ultrasound. They are meant to act as "smart scrubbers" infiltrating every crevice of the cleaning surface.

Developed by a company in Britain, the ultrasonic faucet is significantly more effective than traditional taps. Although not yet available to the general public, this technology is something that will be experimented for some time to come. After all, modern society is obsessed with health and sanitation. The ultrasonic faucet is unparalleled in its ability to clean dishes amongst other things.