Chris Crayner Captures Flirty Outfits in UK Glamour February 2014

Model Estelle Yves shows off feminine and flirty outfits that are also a bit theatrical in 'Now Showing' fro the UK Glamour February 2014 issue. Yves is joined by handsome and hunky male model James Hampson. The editorial shows them having fun at an old fashioned theater while they skim their playbooks, practice their piano, sing upstage and get ready for a show.

The most interesting pieces in the UK Glamour February 2014 pictorial are worn by Estelle Yves. Glamour styled her in adorable outfits that have a preppy flair. There was lots of recurring collared blouses and tweeds. Despite the conservative description, the clothing was very interesting thanks to bright colors and bold embellishments. One example of this is an amazing top and skirt combo from Louis Vuitton made in blue and yellow tweed.