The Logosease Casio Yamagata Two-Way Mask Helps Divers Chat Naturally

 - Mar 24, 2014
References: japantrendshop & japantrends
The Casio Yamagata’s Logosease is a two-way mask that will finally let divers converse as naturally as they would on land, without the aid of hand gestures. The amazing diving mask requires one user to face one another, speak into a microphone and then the vocal noises are transmitted into ultrasonic waves. For a diver on the receiving end of a message, the Logosease works in reverse, turning the ultrasonic waves into vocal sounds via a speaker.

Although there are masks out there that allow divers to speak to one another already, typically these are cumbersome full face masks, whereas the Logosease is an affordable and lightweight attachment.

The mouthpiece has an astonishing range of up to 328’ and is capable of working in depths of about 130’ underwater. The units are just over $1,500 in price, but if you find yourself to be extra chatty underwater, it might just be worth the investment.