Alkimia Makes Treats with Organic Cacao and Artisanal Sugar

Alkimia Chocolate is a bean-to-bar chocolate brand based out of Peru that sets itself apart by producing simple, two-ingredient chocolate with just organic cacao and artisanal sugar.

Although many consumers know most store-bought chocolate products to be filled with sugar, cocoa butter, lecithin, vanilla and a variety of other ingredients, Alkimia aims to provide a different experience that connects consumers to local cacao farmers and cacao at its purest.

In order to show that a consumer's experience with chocolate can be different from what they know, Alkimia forms and packages its products in hexagonal shapes. The individual chocolate packages each tie into a different aspect of the cacao's origin; while Amazonas draws from the Chachapoyas culture, Piura takes inspiration from Chulucanas ceramics and Cusco plays up traditional weaving motifs.