Venus the Chimera Looks Like Two-Face from the Batman Comics

Venus the Chimera is where Catwoman and Two Face meet in some alternate Batman reality. Venus is a two-faced cat who recently appeared on the Today Show and has nearly 2 million views on YouTube. She has a rare, unidentified condition which causes half her face to be black fur, and the other light brown -- even more peculiar is her single blue eye.

Leslie Lyons of the University of California, Davis confirms this is a very rare occurrence because most cats have green or yellow eyes. Having blue eyes -- especially just one -- is what she calls "absolute luck." Some have tried to explain Venus the two-faced cat by pointing to "Chimera" in Greek mythology. A Chimera is a hybrid animal made up of parts of two or three animals. In a cat's case, it would mean the cells contain two different sets of DNA fused together.

The only way to find out for sure is through genetic tests, according to Lyons. She hypothosizes the results would be different DNA found in the skin from one side of the cat than the other. However, there have been no announcements about future testing on Venus. For now, she's a two-faced cat with a YouTube following.