The Twitter Reactions to Facebook Buying Instagram are Hilarious

Facebook has recently acquired Instagram for 1 billion dollars and this has caused an uproar in Twitter reactions with some increasingly entertaining tweets.

From tweets that read "Facebook just bought Instagram for $1 billion. Idiots! They could've downloaded it for free." to "Facebook just bought Instagram for one billion dollars. In related news, Google bought ownership of the word 'brunch,' these tweets provide an interesting perspective towards the general public's association (and obsession) with Instagram. Even Professor Snape got a word in from Hogwarts: "Facebook buys Instagram for a billion dollars? No amount of money will get you magical talking portraits, Mark Zuckerberg. Just give up." That one is personally, my favorite tweet.

The gallery features a few images of a larger selection of tweets floating around the web. Social networks business decisions seem to cause as much conversation online as an upcoming movie trailer for the new Batman movie.