Show Off Your Regal Bits with the Ladies Panties by Twisted Tee

Show Britain some love with this assortment of ladies panties by Twisted Tee. Each of the panties come with a well-known British figure imprinted on the backside of the panties.

These panties are an unusual but humorous way to celebrate well-known British symbols throughout time. For a more modern variety, a black and white picture of the current Prime Minister David Cameron is the ideal selection. To commemorate more historical figures in undergarment form, the Shakespeare ladies pants would be great for any lovers of poetry. For a more royal touch, the Elizabeth the 1st ladies pants are a fabulous way to celebrate the queen wherever you may go.

Each pair is made from cotton material and comes in a variety of sizes. They can be purchased at the five go mad online store and each come at a cost of £16.