Promenade of Stars in Geneva's Place du Molard Made of LED Lights

 - May 19, 2009
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What could be more romantic than a twinkling walkway in Europe? These glittering cobblestones can be found in Geneva and are created with tiny, eco-friendly LED lights embedded between in the ground at the Place du Molard.

"As the sun begins to set, the LEDs begin to shine, giving the square a magical aura," MediaArchitecture explains.
"When the Place du Molard was renovated, it was paved with cobble stones, identical to those which one already finds in the city center. Two thousand resin paving stones have been set in between, covering half a percent of the surface of the place."

The twinkling walkway was designed to be a reflection of Lake Geneva, mimicking the soothing sparkles that glisten on the surface of the lake, reflecting both the dazzling Swiss city lights and stars above on crystal clear nights.

Image Sources: Wikimedia | LandscapeAndUrbanism