The T-Velo Concept Car Rolls on Massive Wheels and Spins 360 Degrees

 - Jan 11, 2013
References: tuvie
One might liken the experience of driving the T-Velo to an unusual hybrid sensation of operating a car and maneuvering a zorb. Of course, you'll be happy to learn that one can have a great deal more control with this vehicle than what's possible with the latter.

Two enormous wheels are installed on either side of the single-passenger capsule, holding the pod balanced and above the ground. Based on the principle of wheelchair steering, this curious conveyance can set its tires to spin at different speeds in order to initiate quick and sharp turning.

It's agile on the ground and perfect for a convenient commute, yet Adolfo Esquivel's T-Velo can also be used in the water. Pedals can be attached to propel it, facilitating leisurely and practical uses on many terrains.