This Turkey Burger Also Incorporates Duck Skin and Chicken Liver Pate

 - Nov 28, 2014
This epic turkey burger puts a gourmet twist on the turducken. Usually, the turducken consists of a super stuffed bird, but this version lives in sandwich form. Created by Mathew Ramsey of PornBurger, The Fowl-atio incorporates the unholy trinity of turkey, duck and chicken in delicious meat stacks.

The holiday themed turkey burger contains 'Chups cranberry ketchup, brussel sprout salad, jarlsberg cheese, crispy duck skin, chicken liver pate, turkey gravy and a turkey patty. This is essentially Thanksgiving dinner in burger form. The whole thing is also sandwiched between two halves of a rosemary sweet potato roll.

Masterfully balanced, this bird-heavy burg also contains all of the tryptophan if you need a little help easing into a nap. It's probably best to avoid operating heavy machinery after eating.