This Joker Monkey Mash-Up T-Shirt Design Illustration is Super Spooky

 - Sep 9, 2014
References: neatoshop & neatorama
This spooky T-shirt design cleverly turns the infamous Batman villain Joker into a creepy Curious George monkey. The pop culture mash-up brings together two very unlikely characters in a detailed graphic illustration that superimposes Curious George and the Joker's face into one disturbing-looking monkey.

It might seem weird to see a famous children's book character juxtaposed with an evil and, frankly, sinister villain. Graphic illustrator Andy Hunt turns the lovable brown monkey into a super-villain by creatively altering Curious George's face. Rather than having a lovable and friendly smile, Hunt has altered George's visage so that he has the same spooky red clown grin, messy green hair and bulging black eyes as the Joker. Underneath George's face is the question "Why so curious?" which is a mix of the Joker's "why so serious?" catch-phrase and George's staple curiosity.