Truth in Hydration for Tap'dNY

 - Sep 13, 2008
References: truthinhydration & truthinhydration
We now know that drinking tap water isn’t as bad as once thought; in fact, it’s actually eco-friendly. And in the right cities, tap water is better than the bottled stuff! But can you imagine paying money to drink water from the taps of New York City? That’s exactly what Tap’dNY water is.

Dressed in blaze orange jumpsuits more fit for a mechanic than a publicity street team, Truth in Hydration took to Central Park to hype the cleanliness of good ol’ Big Apple city water.

The Hydrators approached people toting water bottles in NYC’s most famous park, offering people top-ups from big dispensers on their backs.

Their plan is to hit up a variety of New York locations, promoting the benefits of drinking locally.