These Illusion Benches Use Trompe L'Oeil to Trick the Eye

 - Nov 15, 2013
References: 2222editiondesign & archiproducts
The 'Illusion' benches make use of trompe l'oeil to bend the angles of the furniture piece and make it seem like it's more 3D than it really is. The backs of the Illusion benches feature two different shades of a color that falsely give the illusion of depth and make it seem like the entire backs of the seat are cubed.

Since the simple chair shape is repeated, many of these chairs could be lined up in endless rows to create a series of furniture that is like an MC Escher creation brought to life.

Instead of having legs that are straightforward, anyone who wants to sit on this chair must straddle the front leg. As well, the back of the chair comes to a point instead of a flat surface, so these are probably not better suited for looking at versus sitting in for long periods of time.