The 'Trojan Sweet' Ad Plays on the Classic Trojan Horse Story

 - Jun 1, 2013
References: adsoftheworld
Repurposing the Trojan Horse, an ad called 'Trojan Sweet' by African ad agency DraftFCB promotes Vital Kids Multivitamins. The print ad depicts a giant hard candy being led into a castle. Mirroring the famed Trojan Horse tale, a candy with a deceptive interior is being brought into a castle. However, instead of an invading army waiting to pillage, the ad implies that the candy contains vitamins.

The Trojan Sweet campaign was developed to promote Vital's new product launch. Targeting parents, the ad promises that Vital multivitamins will trick kids into being healthier. With the copy "Delicious gets the good in," DraftFCB was aiming to convince parents that coating vitamins will make keeping kids healthy much easier.