The Triploid Stool by Paul Menand Boasts a Clean Nesting Design

 - May 6, 2013
References: & bookofjoe
The Triploid Stool is a set of stacked seats that look incredibly seamless when placed all together. Whereas a typical stack of chairs has gaps and other misalignments, the Triploid Stool are rested flush against each other, creating the illusion that they are a single seat when not pulled apart.

Designed by French furniture designer Paul Menand, look of the Triploid Stool was achieved through strategic punctures in the surface of the seats as well as a set of grooves in the legs. Interestingly, each seat has different details due to the design. For instance, the top stool has no punctures while the two beneath do and the middle seat boasts full rounded legs that the others lack.