The Triolin Allows Three Violinists to Share a Single Instrument

 - Mar 19, 2013
References: alexsobolev & damngeeky
Sharing an instrument takes goes to a whole other level with the Triolin, which conjoins three of the classical orchestral instruments into one obscure piece. The Triolin requires that players alter the way that they play the instrument altogether because the conjoint instrument doesn't allow any of the players to hold it in a fashion reminiscent of the traditional method.

The three violins are joined at the bottom, which means each player takes a hold of their portion and plays it like that of a cellist. A little bit strange and more for show than actual use, the Triolin is a triplicated piece of art that will excite the mind and have you think you're seeing triple.

Completely playable, the Triolin was created and crafted by artist Alex Sobolev.