Green Toys to Support Environmentally-Friendly Childhood Fun

 - Jan 27, 2009
References: nymag
'Going green' has been taken to new heights with the creation of eco-friendly, recyclable toys. These trendy toys are safer for the environment and kids, and as a result, are become increasingly popular.

The cardboard plane created by NYC’s Print Icon, the Autoparts Chess Set featured on, and the Organic Mouse created by Happy Green Baby are just a few examples of these green new toys.

Improperly disposed electronic and plastic toys contribute to toxic waste and contaminate soil and water. In addition, the energy consumed to manufacture these toys outweighs the energy saved by recycling them. Recyclable, eco-friendly toys however, waste no energy to produce nor contaminate the environment to dispose.

Equally beneficial, children who substitute battery-powered, electronic, plastic or painted toys are less vulnerable to lead poisoning and other harmful contamination that many non-sustainable toys have caused.